Aug 03 2013

Upgrading The Site With Chatwing Chat Software

Gaining more traffic for the site can be done in many ways, most of it through different marketing strategies. However, another way to attract more people to one’s domain is by proving to them that he can deliver a better customer service compared to the other ones. Read more »

Feb 19 2013

Unique, Real and Pure Social Bookmark Sites

This is a list of unique, real and pure Social Bookmarking Services. That means, they are not social news sites (upcoming, published and top news).

Main Features:
– Save, manage, copy and share favorite links, websites, images and videos
– Free to use
– Public and Privacy options
– Search function Read more »

Jul 12 2012

WordPress: Remove all spam links of unapproved comments at once

I think you will know this situation: You go to your WordPress admin panel and there are 100’s of pending comments including spam links. Now you can manually remove every link from a comment that you would like to approve. This will take you much time. Read more »

Jun 25 2012

Easy-To-Use Online Hit Counters

A Counter is a helpful tool for webmasters. It is a simple way to count visitors and/or hits on a website. Hit and visitor counters can be visible or hidden.

On the following sites you will find free and easy-to-use online counters where it is possible to select or/and create various styles or/and colors. Read more »

Jun 06 2012

Web Hosting Variants

There are different options and variants to host your website. These range from small web space for personal homepages to dedicated servers for complex web applications.

In this article we look at the basic various options.

Free Web Hosting
Free web hosting service is only for small and personal sites with low traffic. They often have disadvantages in performance and additional features. Most of the free hosting providers do not accept your own domain name. Read more »

May 04 2012

Free Favicon Creator

Use this Free Favicon Creator to make little icons for your web sites. Read more »

Apr 09 2011 – Short URL Service of ClipMoon closed

Share Your Videos
ClipMoon Short URL Service Update April 2011:
Due to low usage of the short url service, ClipMoon closed this service on 8th April 2011.

Jan 05 2011

New Social Bookmark Site

Social Bookmarks SiteAdding his websites to Social Bookmark Sites is a must for every webmaster or website marketer. Today I want to introduce a brand new Social Bookmarks Site. Read more »

Oct 24 2010

WordPress: Remove all pending comments at once

I think you will know this situation: You go to your WordPress admin panel and there are 100’s of pending spam comments. Now you can only send 20 comments at once to the trash. This will take you unnecessary time. Read more »

Sep 26 2010

Automatic Tweet Script using the new OAuth authorization

Auto Tweet ScriptSince a few weeks your Twitter applications may not work anymore, because Twitter stopped supporting the unsecure Username and Password authorization. For automatically posting new tweets to your Twitter account, Read more »

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