Transforming Your Website into a Better Marketing Tool

It goes without saying that by now, virtually every business has an online presence be it a website or various online channels. However, having a website on Google’s massive database does not guarantee that it will be found by prospective clients. Google has come up with an algorithm called Google PageRank that determines what position any website will take using various criteria most importantly, keywords. So that any business can be found by its prospective clients, it must rank highly for the various keywords used to find businesses in that specific field. To enable your website to rank highly for the specific keywords that people use to find businesses in your field, you need to invest in site engine optimisation which is a sure way of helping you rank better.

google pagerank

How does having a good Google PageRank help your business?

  1. Increased exposure & brand awareness:  With a good Google PageRank, your business is more likely to be found by prospective clients through the internet. This way, your company is guaranteed of many web page views making you a force to reckon with within your field of expertise. The more the people visit your page, the more they know about your company and its products. As your products will be great, many of the people in your audience will most likely be converted into leads helping you grow your sales and ultimately your business.
  2. It provides sure return on investment: With the internet being a virtual field of possibilities, you are able to connect with would-be clients from all over the world. Google PageRank enables you to rank organically meaning that you will not have to use any more money purchasing ads on Google in the form of Google Ads. With good SEO you can rest assured that you will be found by potential clients from all over the world.
  3. Makes search engines crawl your site easily: A good Google PageRank means that you have followed nearly all the search engine guidelines that have been provided to webmasters. When you follow these guidelines, search engine robots are able to crawl your sites easily and more frequently making new content on your site indexed regularly.
  4. Targeted website traffic: The Google PageRank algorithm makes your website rank for the keywords most relevant to your business. This way you can rest assured that only the clients that are most relevant to your business become leads which usually translate into more sales for your company.

A good google PageRank does not materialise overnight. You need to invest into site engine optimisation over a long period since PageRank changes from time to time. Always make sure that the site engine optimisation expert that you use always employs white hat SEO practices since the use of any other practices especially black or grey hat may land you into trouble with Google making your site  blacklisted. Also, note that after being blacklisted, your credibility may be compromised making it difficult for you to ever recover your previous rankings.

Site engine optimisation can help your company have a digital transformation that can translate into great profits in the long run. Agencies that provide such services can be found on Call them today to begin your digital transformation!




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