Tips for Creating Product Prototypes

Creating product prototype is generally the first concrete step towards testing your ideas and putting them into action. Product prototypes, whether in diagrams, sketches or wireframes, allow various stakeholders to visualize your product and offer valuable feedback or decide on whether to pump money into your company. Before you call a prototype design company, it is important to have a clear understanding of your idea and you need to describe it in great detail with lots of specifics.

Prototype Design Company

It is also important to have an idea on the prototyping process. When you are interviewing the prototype design company, you will need to have an idea of what they are talking about and what their process entails. If you do not understand this yourself, you are not going to have a very fruitful conversation over the phone or in person. Know the various terminologies as well as the various kinds of prototypes that you could order. Having some insight into the prototyping process will help you get what you want during the design.

What to ask the prototype design company

The most important thing that you should look out for is the portfolio of the company. Look at their past clients along with the kind of work that they done in the past. They need to have both the capability and the experience to deliver on the kind of product design that you are looking for. The experience should encompass everything ranging from the look to the functionality of the product. It must also be in tune with current demands of the marketplace.

Vetting the References

Look at the client websites and call or email them in order to ask about their product design experience with a particular industrial design company. Was the work competently done? Has it been a success? How long has the product been in the market? How is its performance like? Has the industrial design company been in the news lately for all the right reasons such as product launches or industry participation? That is always a sign of credibility.

Time and Costing of the Prototyping

A lot of the prototype design companies will fix hourly rates for the job. If a product is complex, it is going to require a lot of time and probably cost you more to build a prototype. You need to communicate your needs in advance to the product or prototype design company so that you can save on time and costs. What will dictate the pace at which you implement a particular project is your preparedness as well as your workflow. If it is good, you are going to execute projects relatively speedily.

What if the product fails to fly?

Not all prototype designs are going to fly so you need to also prepare yourself for such an eventuality. As an inventor, you have to know when to stick to the knitting and when to disembark from a project that is doomed for failure. In any case, a good industrial design company will advise you accordingly if your product design is viable and has a good shot at succeeding in the market.




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