Membermeister– The Importance of Member Management

For some people, the twenty-four hours that a single day has can sometimes not be enough with the trove of things that they have to do to see that their careers or business prospers. It might as well be of benefit to themselves if time itself were to just stop once they hit the sack. However, stopping time is a possibility that can be found only in science fiction novels and movies. It is a struggle that everybody is left to just deal with. However, membermeister promises otherwise in terms of member management.


Two words can sum up the service that membermeister provides: Super simple. How so?


Membermeister is a membership management software stylishly handles your invoicing for you. All you need to do is to schedule the term times or one of classes and generate the invoices automatically. Not only does it give you more time by reducing paperwork, but it also improves your customer relationships. Now, who would have thought that it would be possible to send invoices in just seconds?

More than that, you can also prompt for late payments just by using notifications for every unpaid service.

Loss of data and maintenance of backups will not be any of your concerns once you’re on membermeister because it uses industry-standard SSL encryptions to safeguard your files. Backups of all your data and multiple encrypted copies of it are kept daily.

The website is also mobile responsive which makes it possible to view your schedule, update your payments, track attendance and send a message to your contacts, to list a few.

There is also an app available for both iPhone and other smartphone users that effortlessly tracks attendance. Calling it reliable would be an understatement because you can perform tasks wherever you are. There is no need to carry a laptop everywhere you go because membermeister already provides the information that you need in just four words: right at your fingertips.

The mobile app also allows you to take your member management a step further. This team management software can improve your attendance rates by sending notifications automatically to the members who have been absent lately. It is also possible to pull up all the attendance reports since the earliest recorded instant, allowing you the means to keep your clientle and workers on track.

The Membermeister History

Technologist Stefan Richter and business analyst Paul Bou-Samra founded membermeister in early 2012. Being a parent of three children, Richter constantly had problems regarding their extracurricular activities. It is the pain the teachers and other child minders do encounter when keeping up with the humdrum administration tasks in all of their businesses. Richter wanted to find a way to automate the monotonous and often time-consuming tasks that plagued him, to enable him (and others) to have more time to spend on things and persons that truly matter.

And so membermeister was born. Their main mission? To build intuitive an intuitive member management software that provides accurate, reliable, concise, and faultless automation of all of your invoicing and data-storage needs.

Plans And Pricing

Membermeister offers three plans as of present. There is the Basic plan, the Pro plan and the Max plan.

With the Basic plan at £39, up to 200 members can be managed and three staff members are given access while up to 750 members can be managed and 10 staff members are given access with the Pro Plan at £69. Multiply by 10 the number of members you can manage with the Basic plan and that is that maximum you can manage with the Max plan. 25 staff members are given access and it’s only £139 a month.

All plans are free for the first 30 days and you cancel your membership at any time. But cancelling will hardly be the case with membermeister. So why waste time when you can begin to reclaim time? Opt for membermeister today! For more info, visit




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