Ecommerce Crash Course: CRM and Email Marketing

Infusionsoft has been getting more and more popular among small to medium business owners. Because of that, it has garnered revenue of around 71 million in 2012 alone and has been growing since. Despite these facts, it is understandable if a small business owner like you will have doubts regarding the said CRM (customer relations management) and email marketing company. This article will tell you why getting Infusionsoft services might give you the edge that your company needs. So, read on!

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How will I benefit from email marketing?

According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, it has been found out that over 50 percent of their respondents said that they read their emails (well, most of their emails). In addition to that, 59 percent of B2B (business to business) marketers said that email marketing is the best way to get profit. This means that getting Infusionsoft services might give you a chance to increase sales returns and returns of investment. If you have 2000 contacts for example, and 50 percent of them read their email. Then, that means that you have reached 1000 people that might end up being your future partners or customers.

What is CRM and how will I benefit from it?

CRM or client relations manager is software that helps a company store, access and centralizes all the data that are needed for business functions. It allows a company and their staffs to manage customer profiles, communicate with customers, retain customers and provide a better customer service. Most of the time email marketing services are tied up with email marketing services. Infusionsoft services for example have bundles that allow you to select the service that you deem needed by your company.

Other interesting facts

According to HubSpot, only 12 percent of their respondents reported that they separate their work and office emails. This means that the other 88 percent can be contacted through their work email. Almost 90 percent of the time (also according to HubSpot) these remaining 88 percent that don’t separate their work emails read their emails at their workplaces. This makes you sure that they can read your targeted advertisement email.

Things to remember

Remember that the UK has a lot of companies that provide technological solutions. That is why it is important to choose the right UK infusionsoft services. Make sure that your technological service provider is an Infusionsoft certified partner. This way you can be sure that the company that you will be working with will sell you authentic software. Being a certified partner also sometimes means that they are trained by Infusionsoft itself to administer, provide support and install their products.

Despite the amazing numbers that email marketing has imposed the last five years especially with business to business transactions, the email and CRM client that you are going to choose will play a significant success in terms of efficiency. An easy to use and fast email client would be able to send out email advertisements faster. So, always remember to take your time before you make a choice because your company is at stake here.  For more details visit  




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