Jul 12 2012

WordPress: Remove all spam links of unapproved comments at once

I think you will know this situation: You go to your WordPress admin panel and there are 100’s of pending comments including spam links. Now you can manually remove every link from a comment that you would like to approve. This will take you much time. I will now give you step by step instructions for a really fast and simple solution to remove all spam links of unapproved comments at once:
1. Open your WordPress mysql database in phpMyAdmin.
2. Find out the name of your WordPress comments table (mostly it is “wp_comments”).
3. Click on the “SQL” tab at the top of the page.
4. Insert the following mysql command to the text box and click “Go”.

UPDATE wp_comments set comment_author_url=” where comment_approved=’0′

If your WordPress comments table has another name than “wp_comments”, replace it with your table name.

Within seconds all links of your pending comments are removed. You will save a lot of time with this solution. Now you can check the comments and approve some if they are good, without having 100’s of spam links in your blog post comments.

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